Disinfection of equipment bed unit

Dongzi disinfection solution - unit disinfection of instruments and equipment bed
Ward disinfection requirements
1、 Disinfection standard requirements
The recyclable instruments, equipment, bed units, etc. in the hospital, the number of bacterial colonies on the surface of the substance is less than or equal to 5 CFU / cm2.
2、 Difficulties encountered
2.1 the key, gap, groove and other parts of the equipment bed unit are not well wiped and disinfected.
2.2 use disinfectant to wipe the surface of objects that are easy to corrode, and some precision instruments are also at risk of damage.
2.3 the utilization rate of the bed is high, and the overall wiping time is relatively long.
Solutions for disinfection of instruments, equipment and beds
1、 Table cleaning:
Clean the dust, blood and other residues of the instrument and equipment with a wet cloth.
Wipe and clean the armrest, backrest, dining board and other frequently contacted parts of the bed unit.
2、 360 ° comprehensive and rapid disinfection scheme
Combination disinfection mode: East purple pulse ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization robot + disinfection warehouse (or disinfection room)
The East violet pulse ultraviolet disinfection robot can kill virus, bacteria, spores and other pathogenic microorganisms in 5 minutes by emitting ultraviolet light of high-energy full sterilization spectrum, and some viruses can be killed in 3 minutes.
The inner wall of the disinfection chamber is made of five aluminum cloth, which can reflect ultraviolet without energy attenuation. Through not only reflection, 360 ° disinfection can be realized.
If possible, the hospital can build a special disinfection room (recommended within 20 square meters), and spread aluminum cloth around and on the top of the room. In this way, multiple equipment and instruments can be sterilized at one time.
3、 Sterilizable equipment

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