Disinfection in emergency department / fever clinic

Dongzi disinfection solution - emergency department / fever clinic disinfection
Demand of emergency department / fever clinic
1、 Disinfection standard requirements
For emergency department and fever outpatient department, the air requirement is ≤ 500cfu / m3, and the material surface is ≤ 10cfu / cm2.
2、 Difficulties encountered
2.1 emergency department patients are relatively complex. In order to reduce the infection rate of patients, family members and medical staff, high-frequency cleaning and disinfection are needed.
2.2 the emergency department is open 24 hours a day, and the disinfection of the environmental surface needs to be fast and convenient, and at the same time, it needs to meet the conditions of no pollution, no toxic and side effects.
2.3 most of the patients in the fever clinic are infected by virus, which belongs to the source of infection. It is necessary to disinfect the air and the material surface with high frequency to reduce the infection rate of patients, family members, medical staff, etc.

Disinfection solution for emergency department / fever clinic

Product portfolio: disinfection robot + Mobile UV air disinfector + upper level UV air disinfector

1、 Disinfection of consulting room
1. The air is continuously disinfected by the upper level air disinfector.
2. Use the robot to disinfect the desk, computer and other surfaces.
2、 Disinfection of waiting hall
1. The mobile ultraviolet air disinfector is used to disinfect the air in the waiting hall, and the quantity is determined according to the area cubic number of the hall.
2. Use the disinfection robot to disinfect the seats, the ground and the wall surface intermittently.
3、 Disinfection of cash room
1. The air is continuously disinfected by the upper house horizontal jet air disinfector.
2. Disinfect the tables and chairs, computers, cash registers, etc. with the robot.