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Sterilization robot with strong pulse light

Sterilization robot with strong pulse light

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Product Details

Dongzi's pulsestrike 360 pulse strong light sterilization robot is the fastest, safest and most cost-effective intelligent equipment for automatic room disinfection. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, more than 20 times of the efficiency of microbial load removal is safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient. It can greatly reduce the infection rate of MRSA, c.diff, VRE and other medical institutions. It is a new weapon for infection prevention and control! Through strict experiments, it has been proved that the pulse strong light has a thorough killing effect on large-scale infectious bacteria such as h7n9, SARS, Ebola, etc., and the sterilization robot is also a powerful tool in the field of public health for efficient control of super virus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
< br > product advantages
① More than 80% in reducing hospital infection rate
② More than 20 times compared with the traditional chemical disinfection method, it is more effective and safer;
③ Saving millions of yuan, greatly reducing the cost of infection control institutions;
④ At least 5 minutes, the whole disinfection process is 5-15 minutes;
Product features
Pulse xenon lamp, 360 degree technology, environmental protection, high efficiency, fast and low cost
① Intelligent cooling system, longer lamp life;
② The reflected light and filter focus directly on the surface that people often contact, which is easy to be neglected manually;
③ 7-inch touch screen, based on the cloud intelligent software management system;
④ Wireless remote control and intelligent software make mobile phone become wireless controller instantly;
⑤ Intelligent alarm function prevents people from breaking in illegally;
⑥ The system can be used as soon as it is opened, and can be used as soon as it is eliminated;
⑦ 5-15 minutes fast disinfection process, no harmful residues;
⑧ Advanced ergonomic design, easy to change lamp;
⑨ Full band pulse ultraviolet (200-315nm) and full spectrum disinfection and sterilization technology are fatal to any pathogen

Not all ultraviolet rays are equally effective in eradicating pathogens. Mercury lamp technology emits continuous UV-C at one wavelength (253.7nm). This single wavelength of low intensity continuous UV is not the most effective wavelength for pathogen damage. The pulsestrike 360 technology of the sterilization robot is different. It is a pulse type cold light technology with a wide range of sterilization, including UV-B (280-315nm) and UV-C (200-280nm) and even full band spectrum. This extended range provides the bactericidal strength of the infiltrating cells that can cause irreparable damage to the microorganisms. This is the reason why the high intensity pulse light of Dongzi is very fast and effective in reducing microbial load. It can kill C. diff, MRSA, VRE and other MDRO in just 5 minutes, which is also the great difference behind the East violet pulse strong light technology.