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Intelligent pulse strong light disinfection robot

Intelligent pulse strong light disinfection robot

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Product Details

product details
Dongzi's aistrike pulsed strong light sterilization robot is the most rapid, safe, efficient and cost-effective intelligent equipment for automatic room disinfection. Novel coronavirus, MRSA, C.diff, VRE and other infection rates in medical institutions can be greatly reduced by comparing with traditional cleaning methods, which can reduce the microbial load efficiency more than 20 times. It is a new weapon for infection prevention and control. It has been proved by strict experiments that the pulse strong light has a thorough killing effect on large-scale infectious bacteria such as h7n9, SARS, Ebola and so on. At the same time, sterilization robot is also a powerful tool in the field of public health for efficient control of super viruses, pathogens and other harmful microorganisms.

Product advantages
① Short time: the disinfection time is 5 minutes, and multiple disinfection can be carried out in multiple wards every day;
② Wide range: the disinfection radius can reach 3 m, the reflected light and filter focus can directly irradiate the high-frequency contact surface, and manually clean the easily neglected places, which can more comprehensively and efficiently remove the bacteria;
Novel coronavirus: full band ultraviolet (200-315nm) and full spectrum disinfection and sterilization technology can kill new coronavirus, CRE, VRE, MRSA, AB and other bacteria and drug-resistant bacteria.
④ Convenient operation: intelligent software management system based on cloud, ready to use
⑤ Environmental protection and durability: no damage, no chemical residue, no harmful residue; built in intelligent cooling system, longer lamp life
Typical application scenarios
Operating room, clean ward
ICU ward of various types
Ambulance, outdoor emergency room, mobile operating room
Isolation ward, burn ward
Delivery room, waiting room
Neonatology, hemodialysis, emergency department, pediatrics
Disinfection supply center, infectious diseases department
Inpatient ward
Examination room, injection room, dressing room, diagnosis and treatment room, etc

Automatic navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic recharging, intelligent disinfection

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