Zoo Hospital

In recent years, with the rapid development and continuous expansion of the scale of animal hospitals, more and more hospitals are able to provide comprehensive services for animals, such as medical treatment, immunization, hospitalization, beauty care, foster care and so on. As a result, when animals enter the hospital, the number of new pathogenic microorganisms gradually increases, so does the number of human pathogenic microorganisms. More and more attention has been paid to the prevention and control of infection in animal hospitals.
Relying on our expert team of infection control and disease control, advanced disinfection system, mature agreement and guaranteed pathogen reduction plan, we can ensure that our solution is the most advanced and comprehensive and effective. Cutting off the spread of pathogens as far as possible at the source can comprehensively reduce the microbial load in the environment of animal medical institutions and the infection rate of medical institutions.
In order to help our customers deal with the comprehensive prevention and control of infection, Dongzi doneax's team helps organizations integrate the pulse strong light sterilization system using pulsestrike 360 technology into their cleaning agreement to optimize their prevention and control plans. Here is a detailed process for us to work with you to protect the site.
Analysis and inspection
We will work with you to analyze the existing cleaning and disinfection processes in the medical institutions, and analyze the current situation of the environment at all levels, including difficulties and epidemic pathogens
And related costs.
project management
We work with your site to determine the best according to your site layout, room layout, number of people, population flow frequency and epidemic pathogens
Disease control project management plan and standard operating procedures.
Implementation training
Dongzi doneax team will go to your site and work with your experts to develop on-site implementation procedures to ensure that our procedures are efficient
Low cost. Train your staff to operate the pulse strong light sterilization system and related equipment efficiently under the advice of your experts, and ensure your
Safety of the site.
after-sale service
Individuals from each customer's site will receive daily maintenance and repair training from certified technicians to ensure that the
Continuous use. Our experienced epidemiologists and trained staff assist in tracking the results of your site. We help
Quantify the impact of Dongzi's plan on disease prevention, so as to provide you with better services. Most after-sales services are easy to solve on site. as
If you need more services, please contact us in time.
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