ICU ward disinfection

Dongzi disinfection solution - ICU ward disinfection
ICU is divided into independent ward and ward. Each bed is equipped with bedside monitor, central monitor, multifunctional respiratory treatment machine, anesthesia machine, electrocardiograph, defibrillator, pacemaker, infusion pump, microinjector, emergency equipment for tracheal intubation and tracheotomy, CPM joint movement treatment nursing device, etc.
There is only one bed in the independent ward.
There are multiple beds in the monitoring area, which occupy a wide area and are separated by glass or cloth curtains.
1、 Disinfection standard requirements
ICU ward belongs to class II of hospital environmental requirements, and the required air colony number is ≤ 200cfu / m3, and the surface colony number is ≤ 5cfu / cm2.
2、 Demand analysis
1. Manual wiping is easy to neglect some positions and dead angles, which need some new ways to complement each other.
2. There are some resistant bacteria, chemical disinfectant disinfection can not kill, need new ways to complement.
3. The drugs and auxiliary supplies entering the ICU need to be disinfected.
4. ICU needs to disinfect the bed units and equipment quickly, improve the efficiency of hospital bed rotation, and provide beds for patients in time.
Quick and efficient disinfection solution in ICU
Product portfolio: pulse UV disinfection robot + disinfection bin + upper level UV air disinfection machine + Mobile UV air disinfection machine
1、 Disinfection of independent ICU ward
1. The air in the independent ICU ward was disinfected in real time by the upper level UV air disinfector.
2. Using the gap time of the patient to do the examination, the equipment and other items were disinfected for 5 minutes by the pulsed ultraviolet disinfection robot.
3. For final disinfection, 2-3 points are selected by the pulsed ultraviolet disinfection robot for comprehensive disinfection, about 15 minutes.
2、 Disinfection of monitoring area
1. Use the mobile ultraviolet air disinfector to disinfect the air in real time. Each equipment can disinfect 50 square meters, and configure the quantity according to the size of the total area.
2. With the cooperation of pulse ultraviolet disinfection robot and disinfection warehouse, the bed units and equipment are sterilized by express delivery.
3、 Disinfection of articles in and out
1. With the cooperation of the pulsed ultraviolet disinfection robot and the disinfection warehouse, the disinfection channel of the articles entering the ICU is established, and the articles entering the ICU are disinfected rapidly to prevent the introduction of viruses and bacteria.
2. At the same time, the articles (recycled articles, waste packaging boxes or bags) sent out of the ICU ward shall be disinfected quickly, and then sent out of the ICU ward to prevent the risk of infection caused by viruses and bacteria.