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Upper level UV Photocatalyst air eliminator

Upper level UV Photocatalyst air eliminator

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Product Details

In aih-b1000n, the original imported UV lamp is used, and the internal mirror reflection and lens are used to realize the real upper level of UV radiation. In the case of no circulating wind, the natural convection effect of indoor air is used. When the infectious bacteria such as pulmonary tuberculosis bacteria floating and dispersing in the air rise to the UV radiation area, they will be quickly killed.

Product features
① The energy of imported high-energy ozone free ultraviolet at 1m is more than 200uw
② Inner specular reflection and lens to realize the true upper level of ultraviolet light
③ Use imported photocatalyst technology to disinfect, sterilize and remove peculiar smell, and use anion air cleaning technology
④ Original UV 253.7, UV LED, photocatalyst three disinfection methods, innovative PM2.5 filtration technology, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, fast standard
⑤ Infrared detection, when the height of personnel exceeds 2.1 meters, the upper level ultraviolet radiation will be automatically turned off
⑥ Timing start and stop, multi-mode selection, turn off air circulation to achieve full silence, upper UV disinfection
⑦ Very low noise, no ozone leakage, no UV light below 2.1m
⑧ Man machine coexistence
Scope of application
① Disinfection of high-risk infectious wards and clinics such as tuberculosis and respiratory diseases;
② The quick disinfection function is more suitable for key space disinfection such as operating room and ICU ward;
③ Fast and stable disinfection function, suitable for room disinfection in flu season.
④ Schools, kindergartens and other public places

It is suitable for disinfection of rooms in medical units and public places at all levels

Flat UV sterilization
UV LED sterilization
Photocatalyst sterilization
Purification and filtration PM2.5
Anion purification of air

Fresh, ozone free, ultra quiet, human-computer coexistence

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